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When to Contact

  •  Schedule a time to pick up your puppy

  •  Schedule a shipping day

  •  Ask questions about how-to adopt a puppy

  •  Get additional info about a puppy of interest

  •  Discuss details about your order

  •  Add options to your order

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SHIPPING With a nanny service

Hand Delivery

Our Pet Nanny flies with your Pet on the airplane and escorts them from their origin to their destination, and Hand Delivers the Pet to you at the airport….

No Cargo

No Cargo for pets at Luxury Pups. Your Pet is seated with their Pet Nanny on the airplane and never leaves their side, being cared for all the way home ….

Same Day Transports

Most transports are completed the same day within a few hours. Luxury Pups can also do transports within a day or two of scheduling….

Pampered Pets

For every pet that is in our care longer than 12 hours, we treat them as our family member, providing food, playtime, socializing and a bath before their travels ….

Ground Transports

For larger pets that cannot be flown on the airplane with Pet Nanny, we will soon be offering ground transports in select areas….

Our Nanny service WITHIN THE USA is only $890

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Things To Do First

  • Once you have purchased your puppy and you are in the need of a nanny, contact Luxury Pups by phone or text message to request a shipping day.

  • In order to schedule a transport, your puppy must be able to fit in a soft sided carrier not larger than 18″ x 12″ x 12″ and weighing no more than 22 lbs (up to 35 lbs may be acceptable depending on breed, which must be pre approved before scheduling).  If puppy is larger than the maximum weight acceptable and was not pre-approved prior to the start of the transport, the pet may be denied transporting or the additional fees for overweight pet will apply and need to be paid before pet is released.  NO Refund will be permitted of any fees if the pet is denied transport due to non-weight disclosure.

  • A NON-REFUNDABLE Booking Fee of $400 will be deducted from all transports and is required to be paid at the time of scheduling the transport. The booking fee payment is accepted through Cash App or Venmo Only. The balance of all transports are paid to the Pet Nanny.

  • Once the booking fee is received by Luxury Pups, you will receive a confirmation email that the pet’s transport is scheduled booked. Transports are booked on a first come, first served basis with regards to dates and availability.

  • 24 – 48 hours prior to the start of the transport, you will receive a confirmation email regarding the transport process including transport date, times of pick up and drop off, meeting location and Pet Nanny’s contact information. (Itineraries will not be given before this time period)

  • Everyone involved in meeting Pet Nanny for transport, will need to have access to a cell phone with text messaging capabilities in order to communicate throughout the transport with Pet Nanny.

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Day Of Transport 

  • When the Pet Nanny has made it to their gate for their next flight, they will contact the receiver of the pet by text.

  • This text message will be confirming receipt of the pet and the flight status to the receiver’s city (e.g. if flight is delayed, cancelled or any other concerns that will affect transport).

  • Once the plane has landed in the receiver’s city, the Pet Nanny will text the receiver to confirm arrival. This text will give the receiver an opportunity to get to the meeting area inside the airport, if not already there.

  • After the Pet Nanny has deplaned the flight and walking towards the predetermined area where meeting the receiver, the Pet Nanny will call the receiver on their cell phone and stay on the phone with receiver until they both meet each other.

  • The Pet Nanny will release the pet to receiver and have paperwork signed if required. Receiver will check over the pet and take a picture with the pet.

  • All parties meeting the Pet Nanny at the airport must park and come inside the airport to send off or pick up pet. There will be No curb service for picking up the puppy. The typical meeting area in the airport is the Baggage Claim area or the TSA Security checkpoint area.

  • You will need to be on time to the airport to pick up your puppy. If you are more than 15 minutes late after the agreed upon time for the transport will incur a $150 late fee that must be paid before the pet is released.