PetPlan is a High Rated Pet Insurance and recommended by Luxury Pups

The most comprehensive pet insurance in one simple plan.

Petplan covers up to 90% of vet bills from unexpected injuries and illnesses, including viruses like COVID-19.

Why Petplan pet health insurance? 

Keep your current vet

No networks means you can keep your current vet or visit a new one, such as a specialist or an emergency clinic.

VirtualVet visits included 

Online vet visits are included at no extra charge. There is no copay or deductible, and you can pick any licensed vet. 

No sign-up fees 

Petplan does not require a sign-up fee, which can be up to $35 with other insurance providers.

Boarding fees up to $1,000

Petplan provides reimbursement of boarding fees for your pet should you become hospitalized.

Pick your payment date

It’s easy to pick a date that works with your monthly budget.

Save up to 30%

Get up to a 30% credit on your policy premium for keeping your pet healthy.