A story of PASSION

Hi, Luxury Pups is located in the heart of Pembroke Pines FL, United States.
Our family is been working with puppies since 1980 and in third generation.

We always ensure we have what you are looking for with exquisite, high quality, healthy babies at all times.
We take great pride in the care of our puppies and love to connect our adorable puppies to loving families around the World.

We are working only with the best and AKC inspected breeders here in the USA, import special order puppies sometimes from Europe, or Korea. Korean puppies are known for their tiny size, shiny silky coats and doll faced look. Please contact us for special orders.... We will find the puppy of your dreams!

Luxury Pups has customers worldwide, including celebrities in many countries choose our puppies.
We take care of each and every one of them as our ownensuring a healthy start to their lives and make the worry-free transition of your new puppy our priority.

Please feel free to contact us for more information. We would love to hear from you! Thank you.

Meet The Team

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Nicky Zellweger

Our customers are impressed how we combine our love of all creatures into a successful business that contributes so positively to animal welfare. We’re impressed with how much our customers want to learn and grow as pet owners and animal lovers. As part of our commitment to all of our customers, we’re happy to supply a wealth of information.

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Jennifer Schwab

Our Pet Shop grew out of our love for all animals. We provide everything you need to keep a puppy in your home because we have dogs of our owns. We understand the special bond between puppies and their owners, and we want to encourage that kind of love in everyone.

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Alex Martinez

A well educated puppy owner can add to the pet’s quality of life. We encourage all of our customers to stay well informed regarding new tips, tricks, habits and findings that could benefit the lives of a puppy in general. Check out our fascinating articles on our website for information that could impact you and your dogs.

"It takes special knowledge and skill to be a member of our staff. Each of our employees has a deep love of nature for the puppies which are for sale. We train our team to care for every type of domestic breed, so they can pass that knowledge on to our customers in a friendly and informative way. Come in and speak with one of our staff members today."  - Jen

"Puppy ownership is a rewarding responsibility, and with this in mind we continue to make sure that everyone who comes to us is well-educated and understands the obligations required to keep a happy and healthy puppy. As a result of our hard work, our customers constantly tell us how happy they have been since having a puppy in their lives. We just love when they share cute stories about the puppies they have come to love so much. Visit us today and see how truly happy having a puppy will be for you."  - Sandy